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Monday, March 22, 2021


Chenai Art Theatre & Masquerade are Unlocking Theatre in Chennai


Chennai Art Theatre (CAT) and Masquerade – the Performance Group (Chennai), two of Chennai’s popular event producing companies, come together, for the first time, to host a SPECIAL WORLD THEATRE DAY EVENT.

World Theatre Day is celebrated on MARCH 27th annually, since the 1960s, across the world in a big way. In Chennai too, city’s theatre groups have individually for the past few years celebrated MARCH 27th.

Masquerade started celebrating WORLD THEATRE DAY in the year 1997, when its Founder-Artistic Director, Dr. S. Krishna Kumar, came back from Berlin, after a stint at professional theatre in Germany, where he met international artists at a World Theatre Day celebration in 1996. Since then, Masquerade has celebrated World Theatre Day annually.

This year, Masquerade joins hands with Chennai Art Theatre, headed by A. Charles & Gowtham Ganesan, to bring SIX of city’s prominent stage drama companies on this GRAND OCCASION.

This is the largest coming together of city’s theatre groups in more than a year, since the city went into LOCKDOWN due to COVID-19.

CAT & Masquerade are UNLOCKING THEATRE back to its LIVE status. Hence THEATRE UNLOCKED.

Over 6 performances on 26th & 27th (3 performances each day, at 4 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm), 6 city groups will stage the event.



26th March – 4 pm – Naveena Koothupattarai presents BAHISHKAARA (Relegation) – in Tamil


Bahishkaara (Relegation) brings together the untold stories of unsung heroes from the great Indian epic. The play seeks to unearth the tales of Duryodhana, Aravaan, Shikandi and a few other overlooked yet salient characters through music and dance.

Conceived & Directed by Aadhira Pandilakshmi & Sathish

Running Time: 45 minutes (approximately)

Tickets here: Checkout 


26th March – 6 pm – Narjaya presents PASI (Hunger) – in Tamil


A man, a woman and abundance of time. It’s funny, it’s scary and it’s real.

‘Pasi’ is a Tamil absurdist fiction written by Padmasri. Indira Parthasarathy, who is the only Indian writer to have won both the Sangeet Natak Academy and the Sahitya academy award. Crafted in a space supended from time, ‘Pasi’ (hunger) is a play to look forward to.

Cast: Kamatchi Kaleeswaran  & Karthik Gowrisankar

Written by Indira Parthasarathy

Directed by Karthik Anantharaman

Running Time: 45 mins (approximately)

Tickets Here: 


26th March – 8 pm – Veshadharis present ASHWATTHAMA – in Tamil


Is Ashwatthama still alive?

A delusional depiction of a meeting between Ashwathama and Parikshit the last heir Pandavas… Come and witness the battle of gratitude and grief… with a dose of contemporary overtones and satirical humour

Written by Chandrasekar Venkataraman

Directed by Sudarsun & Chandrasekar

Running Time: 45 mins (approximately)

Tickets Here: 


27th March – 4 pm – Stagefright Productions present – COFFEE  – in English


Three couples, three different conversations and coffee. Some humorous, some hilarious, some whacky! Sure to leave you entertained!

Title: A Love Story

Written by Rajesh Rajamani

Performed by Vinithra Madhavan Menon and Abishek Joseph George

Directed by Sandeep John

Title: Arranged

Written by Belinda Peter and Zubin Vincent

Adapted from Holidays! by Ethan Tucker

Performed by Susan Jacob and Zubin Vincent

Directed by Zubin Vincent

Title: Surprise

Directed by Deepa Nambiar

Running Time: 45 minutes (approximately)

Tickets Here: 


27th March – 6 pm – MASQUERADE presents G.O.M.D… (Of Gods, Girls, Graves) – in English


A woman, Goddess nonetheless… A man, a grandson with a duty… and their gripes and coffin tales! Two hilarious takes on marriages, affairs, legacies!

Devised for stage / Directed by Krishna Kumar. S

Running Time: 60 minutes (approximately)

Tickets Here: 


27th March – 8 pm – Theatre Arlequin presents THE HEART HAS ITS REASONS – in English


Two different scenarios…two variations on the same theme ….. quest for a soul mate !!! Or is it sole mate ? Come with your funny bones… if not with a mate.


The Language of Love : Language is essentially a tool of communication that should bring people together in an exchange of ideas. However some people use language to incite hatred or to hide the truth: politicians are masters in this. So sometimes it is necessary to invent a new language… especially for love.

The Mating Game: Since time immemorial man’s quest for a mate has involved meandering in a tortuous  labyrinth  of relationships and lost chances. One wrong word or a gesture can break a burgeoning romance. So what is the secret to this mating dance? Perhaps it is just the hand of destiny!

Directed by R. Amarendran

Running Time: 55 minutes (approximately)

Tickets Here: 


Each of the performances would be followed by a moderated audience Interface with the Director/Production Company (if the company is open to it!)

For further details, buzz me (KK) at 9884029865 & A.Charles at 9841495497

Thursday, March 26, 2020

World Theatre Day 2020

Coming Soon @ Masquerade, Chennai

World Theatre Day 2020 - Masquerade Chennai
Masquerade presents World Theatre Day 2020
A FREE TO REGISTER, public participation event, inviting artists and theatre enthusiasts to join in celebrating World Theatre Day. The day is being celebrated for the 22nd year in Chennai by Masquerade – the performance group, ChennaI. For more details on World Theatre Day, visit:
Some may say this is not the time to celebrate. But in times of contagion and life threatening crisis like this, if we do not celebrate life, and its ONE TRUE MIRROR, live theatre, when then?
It is our responsibility and privilege as artists to exhibit freedom… Come join us, the online stage is yours.
Public Performance Event
Genre: Any that you may choose
Duration : 1 to 10+ minutes (not exceeding 12 please)
Language : Tamil, English or Mime preferably (but any that you may choose)
PS: Nothing Filmy, or anything from films. Create your own original piece. WE WANT YOU TO BE YOUR ORIGINAL YOU. We want your theatrical talent to be featured, showcased. Please do grace our World Theatre Day celebrations with YOU.
This is not an age restricted event. Young talents are allowed too. Therefore, in public interest, Strictly please, no verbal or physical violence, political, personal or COVID19 propaganda statements.
To Register CLICK HERE

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Calling the Cows by Mohan Narayanan

The book by Mohan Narayanan, his 7th work of fiction, is definitely worth a read. The premise is based on the Latin phrase that means You Become What You Eat. 
What is interesting is the way he weaves his narrative: of course, Mr. Narayanan is known for interweaving of myths and legends across cultures. He is also known for his meticulous research based factual observations on scientific phenomenal influence on society at the crossroads of religious beliefs and inexplicable real time occurrences. In this work all these are present. However, what stands out is how all these combine within the space of a novella. 
I'm not going to spill the story or its sensational ending, all of which makes for a terrific magical realistic movie potential in the same vein as say The Life of Pi. Suffice it to say, when the pipe is played, the speakers are turned on, when the calling starts and the cows start flying gets visceral, you might as well be sitting in an IMAX, wearing 3D glasses, seeing the horns graze past your cheek, as they rush past you! A great, quick read if you just decide to travel, say an ICE from Berlin to Amsterdam or Munich to Paris Nord or Kobnhavn to Hamburg. It could well be a Shatabdi from Chennai to Bengaluru too. That is, if you set aside the nagging little proofing errors in spellings.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Let's Play Madras on August 22nd

This Madras Day, on August 22nd, between 7 pm and 11 pm… Experience Madras like never before and showcase how Madras-savvy you are!

The Great Madras Board Game 

To Register, Click HERE

Event Description :

It’s AUGUST 22 – It’s MADRAS DAY – The Day this city was officially established as a little Trading Post off what’s today our own Marina Bay…
And we are celebrating it WITH A BOARD GAME. For Once, we produce, you are the actors, ARE YOU WILLING TO STEP UP TO THE STAGE AND PLAY?
Conceived over 12 years ago, in 2007, we’ve worked constantly on and off to get here… We’ve developed a BOARD GAME FOR YOU… THE GREAT MADRAS TRIP
How well do you know your city?
You think you’re a hard-core North Madras beast? You think the ECR and the OMR are the palm of your hands? Or are the creature that’s lost in CHENNAI without your Google Maps and GPS?
Show us, strut your knowledge of WHAT WE CALL MADRAS and you call Chennai.
BASIC GAME DESCRIPTION: You’re a traveller. We give you starting points to choose, we provide you the destination based on the origin. And you have to get there. You roll the dice, you strategise the route using modes of city transport we provide and a certain amount of resources to use. As you (and your partner – did we not say it’s a team of two game ? Oh my !!) explore the city, you’d come across challenges we pose (after all Mario and Luigi can’t get to Super Mario Central without challenges and obstacles, can they?). This is going to test your knowledge of Trivia and Heritage as well as the HISTORY OF THIS MARVELLOUS MADRAS… and of course, what is city traffic without situations that prompt delays and stuck-ups !

Sign up using the Google Form found in the link above! We’ve 3 slots of time, choose your time, come with your partner, pay your registration fee and you’re all set to Explore Madras.