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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Markus Zusak's The Book Thief

Book Review in progress...

Book - THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak

I haven't really read a book in a long time. So when I set my eyes on The Book Thief during one of my aisle-haunts at the book shops of Chennai, it gave me a twinkle and a twitch of the eye - the book's cover, I mean - and my instincts were to pick it and read the blurb. There's this big weakness in me to read any novel dealing with the German culture and past - a weakness I am not alone in harbouring! The last book I read about Germany in a fictional form was Henry Porter's BRANDENBURG and am still reliving it from time to time. The tale was haunting. So when the blurb told me this is the story of a little girl during Nazi Germany, I bought it unquestioningly! After all, I had also picked a new copy of Irving Stone's Agony and Ecstasy since whoever had borrowed my copy had vanished with it. So, if this book doesn't work out, I can at least go back to Michaelangelo treating his customers with disdain and jumping his patron's wife with total abandon! So, there I was... with the book in my hand and the bolster on the sides! At home...

I don't repent having bought it! How often do you come across a first-book so cannily written. The ruse is interesting. Zusak's narrator is DEATH... along with his little protagonist, a ten year old girl who thieves books! Zusak, the first page says, is an Australian writer. I have a little weakness for Australian writers as well. Patrick White and Peter Carey! Am still reading this book, let me see how it ends. So far... it is the single most poignant book I have read this year. Will keep you posted.


Bernard J Rossi said...

Hi Krishna, a number of people in one of my writing groups are reading this book and love it. My wife got a copy and is consumed by it so I cannot wait my turn to read what is by all accounts a delightful book. As ab Australian writer I too have a weakness for them (us)!!

Bernard J Rossi
Author & Poet

eyefry said...

Wasn't Michaelangelo gay?

Anonymous said...


You might want to look at this when - if - you have time in plenty!

Posting on Deconstruction_Derrida_Philosophy after a long time. Just thought I should tell you!

Anonymous said...

(sir) KK: you may want to take a look here. A kind of journey down my (blogging) memory lane: