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Friday, December 19, 2008

Long Time Gone... I know!

Yeah, that pretty much sums up. I just visited and posted on impulse and nostalgia. It's been gruelling few months since taking up teaching. A lot of serious good posts pending. Not necessarily on theatre though. Hardly have watched any play this year. But been reading a lot and hoarding new books and newer books. Must post some day soon!


Srini said...

Exciting to know that you have taken up teaching (sir) KK! What do you teach?

And of course, among others yours truly is one person waiting for a post from your side!


Krishna Kumar said...

Oh Srini... I teach english for higher secondary at BVM on a full-time basis having an exciting time exchanging verbal duels and thoughts with young minds that keeps me refreshed. I know teaching CBSE Functional English and Integrated Grammar is probably as flat as piss on a plate... but it is the challenge of young minds thati s more interesting! Post... well...let me see! I have been reading quite a bit of Renaissance History across the Continent... and doing some stuff about the evolution of Modernist Poetry from new angles... also in the middle of two books - Eco's The Mysterious Fire of Llona and Markus Zusak's The Book Theif. Once done, will do some writing! Hopefully if the Boards and Pre-boards don't stop me! How you been? I thought you sent me a poem.Haven't had time to read the mails. A pile piled up. Lemme check! Cheers

Srini said...

Sir KK,

Life has been pretty shabby during the past few months to be honest. If you do have the time to read the poem, there may be abstract reflections that will evince precisely this. It has been a period of intense introspection on the one hand and pretty monotonous though sometimes challenging work on the other. Being in the country's commercial capital does not help either, I reckon;)

Do I sound like complaining? Guess I should be a bit more discreet about it. But yeah, clouds are clearing, dreams coming back once again and a pattern stitching itself automatically. That is perhaps the beauty of life.

Been doing very little reading and lots of walking and thinking!

Cheers:-) New Year wishes!