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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Vivahaaraa... the matter behind this mind.

The little shop... or the potti kadai is a place where you get anything... from a pin to 50 gms of mustard to mobile recharge cards (these days). And they are the forebears of today's supermarkets and chains. It is chaotic, but only the shopkeeper knows it is organised in an intrinsic way. Ask him, he would fetch you anything from the most unexpected corner. Unlike the supermarket where it is a DYI with the help of signboards, here you need someone. It is human interface and still not costly.

Similarly, the maqamat is the most beautiful and exquisite yet pithy poetic form of philosophising and theosophising and apotheosising of philosophical ramblings and theosophical quibblings. It is small like a hand grenade but has the power to erupt like a volcano upon you and bring home humour as well as romantic thoughts, not to mention life truths.
Hence combining my Tamilian Potti Kadai concept and the Arabic Maqamat, I present my little corner of wisdom derived from my day-to-day observations from life's little ironic happenings here.

Why Little Shop of Random Thoughts? Like the Little Shop of Horrors - my favourite musical, this has unexpected delights that take you by scare and surprise, but freezes you only for a moment before letting you go further. And thus with the title, the concept and the form I have provided a global touch - the Little Shop, the Potti Kadai, the Maqamat... the longest posting is over... now come the Time for Terseness!