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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Reflections upon watching a re-run of Kireedam

Watching it on TV. Not the first time. One thing it highlights loud and clear. Again, not the first movie to do so. How much ever we call ourselves advanced in civilisation, civility is still questionable. How ever much we call ourselves against evil, WE ARE ALL collectively evil because we brand individuals and do not give them benefit of doubt when they are stuck in dubious circumstances. Our corrupt collective psyche is so halitosed we do not want to give an individual due to circumstances or alleged due to circumstantial evidence a chance to rehab. And we thus pass this malaise on from generation to generation. The flaw however with such movies in Indian context is that instead of using the medium to help change this mindset the makers use it to 1) project the protagonist as an underdog and cast a strong material to optimise the bathos factor and register tinkles at box office, 2) build a cottage industry around such stars, 3) fabricate and glamorize violence and justify it saying it exists THUS in society and in the process show the marginalized another option to be violent, and 4) finally screw the potency of the medium. Thus we remain gloriously collectively flawed and keep slipstreaming into dehumanization. Victimisation has become a way of life and we do not impart any values anymore. We want Angels and Demons, we want Heroes and created Villains to justify our need for heroes because we are incapable of being humans. Let's let others just be.
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