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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

'MODI'-cum of importance!

Why on earth is the issue of Lalit Modi so important to the press and opposition? What happened to other, more relevant and pressing social and economic issues?

It is the same as why on earth was Rahul Gandhi's incognito holiday so important? Don't we have enough social and economic issues, developmental and environmental issues? Defence and Security issues?

Suddenly the sallies into Myanmar are forgotten, Pakistan is forgotten, farmer suicides are forgotten, land acquisition bill is forgotten and so on!

The Press is the bitch here. Not just Arnab, but Burkha, Rajdeep... every son and daughter of jackassess who go by the name of The Fourth 'my foot' Estate. Without them dictating the agenda, the freaking Congress does not have any legitimacy to exist. I mean, why don't we get some work done?


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