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Monday, March 27, 2006


Hello and welcome to Theatre Today...


to all ye who visit this blog and are into theatre bashing and praising if not theatre watching!

WORLD THEATRE DAY was created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI). World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on the 27th March by ITI Centres and the international theatre community, various national and international theatre events being organized to mark this occasion. One of the most important of these is the circulation of the International Message traditionally written by a theatre personality of world stature at the invitation of the International Theatre Institute.

Usually at Masquerade we celebrate World Theatre Day by doing an extended weekend of silly comedies just to keep people happy and laughing while we otherwise do a little more serious work through the year. But since last year we have taken to launching our new annual theatre season. This year, originally our Launch Nite for 2006-07 was supposed to be today. Due to some extenuating circumstances we have moved to April 3. So if you're interested to catch up with our event... here goes the details:

Event: Masquerade's 2006-07 Theatre Season Launch Nite

Performance: ARTIFICIAL REALITIES - a 50 minute presentation of comedies

Place: CEDARS - the specialty Mediterranean Restaurant, Kotturpuram

Time: 7.30 PM

Date: April 3, 2006

Cover Charges Rs. 250/- apply.

Theatre performance to be preceded by Drinks and followed by Specialty Buffet.

You can Call Cedars - 2447 5073 or 5585 5111 for reservation. Limited Walk-ins as this is a private and press launch.

So what have we at Masquerade this season?

  • 2 Mainstream Productions
  • An extended weekend of 3 full-length productions
  • A festival of Short Plays
  • A Festival of Youth Theatre
  • A year long New Writing in Theatre program…
  • Workshops, neighborhood theatre events, collaborative theatre events with schools… many more!

Right Click my title above to reach out a very unique site dedicated to Theatre. Incidentally it was also the organisation - International Theatre Institute - without whose backing and help I could not have had my theatre training in de Vaterland back in 1996. Each year a personality - a theatre personality - is chosen to represent and be awarded with prize for contribution to theatre by ITI and his/her World Theatre Day speech is published here. This year it is Víctor Hugo Rascón-Banda.

Keep doing/supporting theatre. And don't listen to the umpteen entertainment reporters in town, they just write to fill their column centimeters with sound bytes and would write anything to distort reality, depending on who feeds their next meal and washes with their next cocktail. However, there are a couple of critics still left. Thank god for small mercies. As I quote my favourite tactician - the twentieth century Kautilya - and a certain Kerpener who races F-1: Too Much Mass and Too Little Class.



The Used said...

Ha Am the forst to comment...Oh so thats why Masquerade`s inagural aint today...oh n wot r d mainstream productions???

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

Dear KK,
your passion for theater is palpable to say the least...I must check out one of your plays some time...I suppose your novel is being written...


Srini said...

Dear (Sir) KK,

Pour un instance, I thought you had gone to Timbuctoo or something, anyway light-heartedly; for I know you are quite busy throughout the year, particularly with a busy summer ahead. As Anand Ramamoorthy puts it, your passion for theatre is palpable, and to add, quite inspiring for other people in other fields to shower so much love and one-minded commitment on what they do. Yours truly is one of those you have inspired. No flattery!
All the best to you and Masquerade - and of course Landing Stage - in its future endeavours. Will try to catch a couple of those productions later this year, should I be in town. And Happy Theatre Day again Sir KK! I doff my hat.

antickpix said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Krishna Kumar said...

@ ANTICK... don't scream abut a removed comment.

opuvfkr - hope you have a fakir if not a kafir on those platforms when you travel by indian railways!

Krishna Kumar said...


passion is what drove dozens of us to theatre back in late 80s early 90s... thwarted passion so to speak. we weren't allowed to even sweep floors by the two or three then-elite groups around. young turks we were ... we were like young mike hussey and Stuart Clarke kept in the anonymity of the Pura Cup by the Hohns and Steve Waughs of this world encouraging untalentd Greg Blewetts and Stuart Laws and Michael Kasporowiczs of this world. So we made our own way through. Not like today when so many kids have it easy to get on stage!

Krishna Kumar said...

Dear Srini

en pour excuse... I have been busy and not busy. Busy enough not to visit your or Anand's blog and read thruogh and post comments but not busy enough to post small messages about WTD. Sorry. But I don't get like two hours at a stretch to spend on the ether world to drop by. I did read your Trochaic by mail though. It quite wasn't completely trochee, was it? There were some beat inconsistencies bordering on the iamb.

I CeeQ TaQing over the XPrience of Microsoft is my Word Verification that was not accepted?

Check this one: HoLleR thru PlaXO

Krishna Kumar said...

@ Srini...sorry truncated thoughts.

Learning without the passion to master anything is useless. I still keep the fire to continue learning my theatre. And as long as you are learning and keep some anger and fire going the passion shows. I took up theatre and writing and have been at them without break. I have never taken things that attract me but only those that obsess or fascinate me and continue with them without moving to explore a lot of things and drop them once I think I KNOW IT. May be I have been not so daring with my learning, but what I do I do thoroughly. Nice to know I can set others off to be inspired. But do follow the inspiration through and don't stop there! As one of those 80s one-off pop #1 goes: LIFE IS A HIGHWAY... I'LL BE RIDING ALL DAY LONG.

Krishna Kumar said...

Vikky... land up at the launch to find out is all I can say. Of course don't forget the t-shirt value add for Char ka Ek free entry deal! :-DDDD

antickpix said...

KK -

i removed that because I felt it was slightly insensitive and quite mocking of the sincerity of other individuals.

happy world theatre day. :p

htomlb - as King Tut instructed his harem.

Srini said...

Dear Sir KK,

No trouble. I was not criticising your lack of visits to my blog/ Anand's for that matter. Just wanted to be light-hearted that's all. it is not all trochaic: but then I was happy about the meter at least. The problem is this is the first time I have attempted and will attempt more. My one chief poetic aim is to write an elegy in iabic pentameter - as great as Gray's, if not greater, but different from his sans any traces of imitations. But will start the iambic one with a sonner soon (an ACTUAL sonnet... lol). How was the poem as such, if I may know, Sir KK?

Srini said...

And Sir KK,

Don't get the last couple of lines of your first comment. Pray, clarify me regarding the same.

None said...


i see you've got this rolling... good luck! btw, u gotta check that link, there is some error.


Krishna Kumar said...

Pray Tell None... what's wrong where? which link??? If it's your link, it loads perfectly well!

None said...

oops! i meant the victor hugo rascon banda link...

page wont open

eyefry said...

Happy World Theatre Day (belated)!

qdosnt - quotidian dosa-night

Krishna Kumar said...


it is a small irritant. the extension is .htm instead of .html As you would exclaim, Pah!

Cheers and erpdphkd to you!

Krishna Kumar said...

Dear Srini

the last two lines of the first comment? Oh, trifles... there's this bunch of us trying expansion logic on the word verification codes. Just pure fun what you can muster up. The ones in Caps are my WV code. Well, don't try and leave the wv code as the last entity in a comment, then it prompts to re-enter. So alwasy put in WV and follow it up with whatever. It's fun! Am working on a conspiracy theory about this WV! And that is turning out to be DaMnVioLenS

Krishna Kumar said...

Yeah yeah Eye... Belated Happy World Theatre Day... and on time World Theatre Week. Am on to your blog to check your whatever post you said is related to WTD. TOERULX mate