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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ships, shoes, sealing wax: Run, Pentayya! Run!!

ships, shoes, sealing wax: Run, Pentayya! Run!!


Srini said...

Hello Sir KK,

Have posted an article on one of my most favourite Indian cricketers. Try to check it out, should you have time.

Ludwig said...

Hi Krishna Kumar (or is it KK)? Thanks for the link to a Choultry post. Feeling much loved.

And we're discovering that this potti kada is just about as eclectic as it gets. Intros to PoMo/PoCo/PoStu interspersed with cogitations on Dravid and Vijaykant. Interesting...

eyefry said...

Hi KK,

Yours is the first non-spam, decent and readable comment on my blog, and I sincerely thank you for it :-)
The nick - EyeFry - happened quite by chance, without premeditation or design. When I was creating my blogger account I happened to be listening to U2's "Staring At The Sun". Hence, the fried eye. I know, it's terribly corny, but I'm stuck with it, if only for consistency's sake.

p.s. I'm Karthik's (Thisbe) brother...remember me? :-P

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

Dear KK,
why the long absence from my blog? your last comment was quite positive...!