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Saturday, September 24, 2005


....all my troubles really seemed so far away.

Am falling in love with my cast and crew for the second time perhaps. In just under two months. May be am arrived old and sentimental. I shed tears during cast bash at MMB after Mouk. Now am getting attached to this MSND bunch of Motley crew. Last night they gave such a good account of themselves in spite of inconsistencies. I was ashamed to admit that this is theatre where the audience have a ball even if it is fulsome and odious to the artist in me. I created it why should I feel ashamed? Well, KK is an ox as well as a moron and hence an oxymoron! Anyway, this cast and crew are such joy and fun and non-rancorous that they are the real Dream. Hope they continue in the same vein for 6 more shows and shape up into something ever-lasting as a company... irrespective of me.

And the audience last night were dolls. A mixed bunch of friends and theatre-lovers as well as some Shakespeare-lovers (no, not the man, but the works!). An ideal audience.

Onwards and upwards!

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