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Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Srinivas said...

Sir KK,

Not sure if you chanced upon by blog sometime lately... been doing a lot of not so serious writing. But here is some thing I have written after a while - and since it is a topic we both have often ruminated on till a couple of years ago, I thought I should let you know.

How is life treating the Acharya??? I have joined my doctoral programme by the way! :)

Krishna Kumar said...

Oh no Srini, my new post explains my state of chaos and why I haven't done any cerebral existence. Acharya is being treated monetarily very well, but that hardly satisfies him. Good to hear you're on the doctoral mission. My steth is lying useless, you can inherit it. I would rather sit in my easy chair with a bowl full of roasted peanuts and arisi-pori and 6 weeks of paid vacation to complete all the new books I have bought. Hmmmph! If wishes were horses....!