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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Left Unsaid

Latin America these days seems to be the happening place. It has become a bee-hive of political changes that is making the neighboring Big Brother across the Andes morphing into Rockies undergo several uncertain moments and daily dosage of panic attacks. And I love it. The political triangle of Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela under the respective leadership of Michelle Bachelot (the new and first Woman President elect of Chile), Evo Morales (the son of the soil) and of course Capt. Chavez (the unflinching and intrepid thorn in U.S. flesh) with outside boosting from the eternal Fidel Castro from nearby Cuba, is really up on to one of my favourite (fantasy) pastimes, in real time!!! They are making a calculated assault to the U.S aspiration in the arena of the latter's geo-political strategms.
It is interesting also to see a powershift all over the world. We talked about this in a different perspective in our earlier post titled The Sicilian Option. Are we finally really seeing the world come a circle and lean progressively towards the Left? Except in the U.S., where the Right is getting increasingly threatening to even take over the private lives of Academia (as to what they speak about the Bush administration in their private circles), political tendencies in the aspiring and developing world - outside Asia - looks to be veering towards the Left. This not necessarily shows an economic left tendency of socialism though! The tendency also shows in the election of indigenous heads as heads of state.
Elsewhere, the examples are Dr. Ms. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in strife-torn Liberia and the emerging Ms. Segolene Royal in France, who seems to be gaining popularity with every dawning day. And also, what of the increasing unrest in British political circles? Is this a re-assertion or a cyclic expression of disgruntled people swinging between the only alternatives available? If so, how does one explain the change that has happened in Canada. 2+ decades of Liberal rule is just looking poised to be turned over with the latest election result. Curious and intriguing. And just the other day, Vlad 'the Iron' Putin has smartly worked around the oil and gas supply problem. But I suddenly realise: oh my God! Russia still has Europe by its balls!!! Left is after all the smarter half of our body, right?

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