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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Perspectives in Life!

I just got reminded suddenly by this line I rememebered from Gautam's WOOD, which I performed a couple of years back. It went something like this... "From (something) to (something else) with one change in perspective" (What that something is, I shall refer to the script and quantify. As usual am a bad actor with bad memory for lines. Duh!)

And I thought how in one simulacrum of time's nodal curves, one can "From God to Dog" become... because people's interests shift or priorities change and words of yore (meant honest at the moment, no doubt) can conveniently be described by the mouth of origin to have become something that was received as misinterpretation or "just misunderstood at the point of reception!" LIFE! How people use and throw!! Never be nice? No... one must still continue to be nice. Otherwise, there is no difference. Change is constant, all right. But fickleness of convictions and fluctuating minds and vacillating hearts out of convenience?

As Gandhi said, I too "don't hate people per se, only their actions" from time to time. The world is bad but not without hope! What goes around, comes around.

Waiting for...

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